To accompany our strong growth, we are looking for talented men and women to join us and share our success. We offer you a unique opportunity to develop your skills with SAP Business Intelligence Solutions, enriching your current knowledge as part of a continuous development programme.

Beyond our standards of performance and quality, Planeum is proud of a vision based on the personnel development of its staff members. Far from traditional mindset and divisions, we all believe at Planeum that the development of individuals supports and strengthen the development of our company. Our colleagues are regularly invited to think about their professional project and we offer them the possibility to evolve at their pace and according to their choices.


Stay at the fore front of the trends by keeping a close look at the technology news, leveraging a strong and supportive network of colleagues.  


Propose simple solutions, fit for end user needs, and deliver them with a flexible, dynamic and enjoyable project methodology.

Team Spirit

Internally, we systematically encourage and capitalise on all good ideas and suggestions proposed by our colleagues. Outside the company, we support initiatives of public interest.


Solidarity is a very active value at Planeum. Firstly amongst staff members who enjoy sharing their competencies and know-how. Training by peers, frequent exchanges during formal and informal sessions, project "lessons learnt" presentations, are as many opportunities in our collaboration model to really constitue a strong network of competencies.


With a real sense of corporate responsibility towards the civil society, Planeum keeps alive solidarity values by supporting social and humanitarian initiatives. As of of the end of 2012, as many as ten charities and associations had received a financial aide from Planeum. Each propect is sponsored by a member of the staff and proposed to the vote of all other employees. It is important to us that beyond the external benefits delievered to such intiatives, each team member is aware of the wider challenges of our time.


Current Vancancies