SAP has just awarded Planeum the prestigious SAP Recognized Expertise in SAP HANA certification for working on SAP HANA implementation since 2011 with many successful implementatio...

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Planeum going international

Planeum has opened its new office in the Netherlands. The Dutch office is up and running since October 2015....

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Business Intelligence Consulting

Planeum is a dynamic and innovative consultancy enabling companies running SAP software to achieve greater business performance with the implementation of cutting edge Business Intelligence & Planning solutions:

  • Management by Objective and Strategic Planning
  • Key Performance Indicators and Operational Forecats
  • Financial reporting and Budgeting

Independent and relying on our own experts, Planeum works in full objectivity with its clients to  reach the levels of return on investment expected with their projects. Our interventions foster the collaboration between business units and IT organisations, to ensure the best integration of business processes and management reporting tools.

Our mission

  • Planeum combines industry expertise and technical excellence with SAP technology to deliver successful projects and innovative BI applications.


  • Complete range of functional and technical skils
  • Expertise on BI Architecture BI and SAP solutions
  • 10 years of experience in the implementation of management reporting solutions
  • Implanted in Paris, Lyon and London
  • Reference by SAP Education (courses delivered: BI-Integrated Planning, Advanced Modelling with BW, certifications BW, Delta BW 7.4)
  • A unique offer in Application Maintenance aiming to :
    • ensure the efficiency of your operations,
    • reduced costs,
    • deliver dynamic and continuous innovations.



PASàPAS-KPF and PLANEUM are merging on December 31, 2020.

The presentation and practical details of this operation can be found below: Fusion_PASàPAS_PLANEUM